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Minnehaha Falls Engagement in St. Paul | Minneapolis. Engagement Photographer

Gorgeous couple engaged at waterfall

Minnehaha Falls is one of my favorite Minneapolis/St. Paul locations for couples who want a striking, ethereal backdrop for their engagement photos any time of the year. Minnehaha Falls thunders within Minnehaha Park, which features over 190 acres of winding trails to explore. The cascading falls lie along Minnehaha Creek that pours into the Mississippi River just downstream. The intensity of the falls varies throughout the year depending on rainfall and the fullness of Lake Minnetonka

Engagement during winter at frozen Minnehaha Falls
Engaged Couple at Minnehaha Falls

For nature lovers, the park is ideal for a romantic date where you can bike, walk, or simply rest and enjoy the roar of the falls. Wade pools are open seasonally if you’re brave enough during your engagement session. The falls are also surrounded by beautiful greenery and flower gardens depending on the season. Then, head up to Sea Salt Eatery for a refreshing cocktail and bite to eat on the patio. You can’t go wrong with Minnehaha Falls if you’re searching for engagement photo locations near Minneapolis.


Why I Love Minnehaha Falls for Engagement Sessions

Everything. I love everything about Minnehaha Falls engagement sessions. But to be a bit more specific, here are a few reasons I think you’ll fall in love with Minnehaha Falls, too:

Aesthetic Composition

The layered limestone bluffs, trickling pools, and vibrant greenery provide all of nature’s best props. Even during the warmest parts of the year, the massive oak, maple, and cottonwood trees offer constant shade and beautifully filter sunlight for stunning images. I can take pictures from above or even below eye level by moving up and down the rocks for unique vantage points and interesting shots. This location lends itself to extra creativity and artistic photos if you want to change things up.

Natural Light

The overhanging bluffs and trees protect us from harsh and direct sunlight. So, it’s possible to begin your session just a bit earlier, and then we can hike up for some great sunset images around the upper grounds. Minnehaha Falls is a great way to maximize your engagement session. We’ll have multiple types of backdrops and perfect natural light without changing locations in between. Plus, when you’re down near the falls, the light reflecting off of the sides of the limestone creates a mesmerizing glow in the background.

Extra Privacy

Although Minnehaha Falls is one of Minneapolis’ most beautiful and popular attractions, it’s not hard to find a secluded spot to experience the views and take photos, especially if you avoid the peak times (I can help with that). Many hiking trails and sidewalks wind around the falls for an intimate feel.

Photo Variety

The falls and its surrounding trails, bridges and green space offer a all-in-one kind of session. I wanted to share Nia & Paul’s and Clair & Victor’s engagement sessions as inspiration because they flawlessly coordinated with the very distinct ambiances. The brides-to-be wore were stunning with Nia in a sheer bohemian dress and Clair in a lace crop top with a skirt fit for frozen fashion. They each helped in making whimsical photos by the falls. Within an hour, we had a wide variety of pictures for their engagement collections that really capture the versatility of the location sessions.

Unforgettable Experience

Even if we’ve just met, you probably know that I love landscapes. In fact, that may be the reason that I stick out to you as a photographer. During this momentous time in your life, you deserve the best of the best. Your engagement and wedding photos should authentically reflect your personalities and the deep connection you have with each other. 

Minnehaha Falls provides a beautiful space for you to let loose and be yourselves, which lends to incredible photos. Pair that with the painting-like backdrop, and your photos are gold! Engagement sessions at Minnehaha Falls don’t feel like a forced “pose and snap” photoshoot. It’s an adventure, and I almost guarantee you’ll have fun. Plus, your engagement photos will have the “wow” factor—not many couples can say they took engagement photos in front of a waterfall!

Thinking About Doing Your Engagement Session at Minnehaha Falls?

I’m happy to answer any questions you have about engagement photo packages and sessions at Minnehaha Falls. Get in touch with me here to get started.

Minnehaha Falls Engagement Session Collaborators

A huge “Thank you!” to the other talented artists who helped create this look:

Stylist | Bear Buns Closet
Makeup Artist | Makeup by Caitlin
Dress | Midwest Gowns

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Andy Hardman is a Twin Cities wedding photographer who is on an endless hunt for inspiration, golden moments, and striking backdrops. His mission is to beautifully capture every detail of your wedding day in photos you’ll cherish for years to come. Learn more about the experience here.

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  2. Jennifer G says:

    Minnehaha Falls Look like such a beautiful spot for engagement photos! These are all so lovely.

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    What an incredible spot for photos! So much beauty and drama here. Loving those edits too 🙂

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    It is hard to believe these are at the same location! What a difference the seasons make. Minnehaha Falls is perfect spot for an engagement session!

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    Minnehaha Falls Looks like the perfect place to plan a couples session. So much natural beauty!

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    Wow! Minnehaha Falls looks like such an incredible spot for photos! I would definitely want to go there in the winter, it looks so magical!

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